How many people would like to experience any type of pain? I am sure most people would say NO. The definition from Merriam Webster states that,” pain is an acute mental or emotional distress or suffering”. Pain is something that most of us would look at as a bad thing or something you would not like to go through. I am not talking about physical pain. The pain I am talking about is mental pain, pain of failing, the pain of losing, the pain of hurt, etc.

Pain is a value that nobody can put a price tag on. Why? At the end of pain there is success. Pain is something that has a purpose. God’s allows certain pains, certain issues, or certain problems to happen not to hurt you but to help guide you to the bigger purpose that he has created for you. Many times, we ask what is the purpose of are pain or troubles? There is something to be learned from every trial. Every issue can be looked upon as place where you go to school. Pain is our teacher. Our experiences from pain or our problems become our diploma of education. The difficult times we may have with pain is how we build and develop our character.

Pain pulls us out of our comfort zone. Nothing or no one grows if they are always willing to be comfortable were they are. Some reasons why some people stay within their comfort zone, is because of fear and being afraid of the idea of being in pain or having to struggle. When you are going through pain or a struggle, that is where maturity and growth begins. Pain is like the seeds that you plant. Going through the pain is like the rain and water that is used to help nurture and grow the seeds planted. At the end of the planting stage are the sunlight rays of success.

You must be willing to go through the battling to get what you need or want. For example, when trying to get a business started or just trying to create a new you, those life changes can be tough. Sometimes it will seem like nothing is working in your favor. You got to love what you do to get through. Successful people push through with passion. People who do not have the passion or desire to push through they fail or just out right quiet.

When things get hard we start looking for something or someone to blame. It rains and pours on the good and bad. Nobody is immune to it. No matter how tough you feel you are, life issues, problems, or pains will beat you down to the point where you want to give up and through your hands up. Here is the key, pain can last for a minute or it can last for a while either way it will go away. Something will take its place. On the other hand, quieting can last forever.

Remember, at the end of pain is success. You will not die. If anything, you will get stronger, wiser, and even better through experiences. Allow God to guide you in a way where you use your current circumstances to create an effort, a discipline, and a focus to keep pushing and striving for what your dreams and goals are. If You Don’t Have Will, Then You’re In The Way!!! #followfitnessmotivators #maximumeffortatalltimes 

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