How many times have you caught yourself comparing yourself to others? It seems to be an emotional affect that we have within ourselves. For example, when we look at our own abilities and the abilities of others, we tend to use that as a key measurement of accomplishments, survival, decisions on what social groups to join, or even to decide to attack or retreat.

Now that social media has become a huge market, it has created access to numerous materials to compare ourselves to. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a few to name. Our challenges to keep up with our fixations, of obtaining or having the same things as what other people want or have, has moved from our childhood neighborhoods and even our current neighborhoods to the web.

When you begin your fitness and health journey, comparing yourself can be a good source of motivation and growth. On the other hand, it can also create chaos of self-insecurity or doubt. There must be an understanding of the difference between motivation and comparison to allow a sense of balance. Understanding this will help lessen a negative affect and create more of a positive effect.

How many times during your fitness and health journey have you compared yourself to a friend, a person on the cover of a magazine, a person in the gym, or even a celebrity in a movie? When doing this, it can lead to questioning and asking yourself why am I not where they are? Or it could lead to other things such as self-depreciation, self-rejection, depression, and fear.

Starting or even during the process of your fitness and health journey, don’t spend your time looking at what you are not, what someone else is doing, or what you wish you could be. This only shrinks what GOD has put in you to be. It shrinks the beautiful masterpiece that you are capable of being.

Here are a few things that we forget or don’t look at when we begin to compare ourselves:


Many forget about the role genetics play in our body. We all are made up of different genetics. For example, some women look at pictures of fit women in different magazines, social media platforms, the gym, or etc. When doing so they begin dream about how they want their bodies. Just like or close to what they see in the pictures. The thing that is forgotten about these pictures some could have been edited to intrigue the eye. More importantly, the people in the picture may have a totally different body type and shape than you. You may not like the back of your arms, the extra layer of fat on your abs, or the way your thighs and butt look in jeans or cloths. Remember, because of genetics some people are blessed to be able to lose fat and gain lean muscle much easier. While others on the other hand, may struggle to do so. Be happy and grateful for the body GOD has given you. Use your capabilities to create the best you possible.

Instant Fulfillment 

If we all could control where we lose our weight and body fat or even control our overall results, then I am sure we all would be some happy campers. Unfortunately, although it sounds nice it does not work like that. Some may lose weight and fat at a good pace and very consistently. On the other hand, some may take months on top of months to do so. We live in a society and time where we like things right away. With some instances, we do get those things fast and right away. (mail, online packages, customer service from store or restaurant, and etc) What this does is cause a sense of an illusion. By illusion I mean it can distract our minds from fact that trying to reach our goals takes time and dedication. It takes PATIENTS.

Therefore, many feel if they get the back of their arms toned, get big biceps, lose their stomach and get a six pack, lift their butt and tone their thighs that will make them happy. That may not be the case all the time. Sometimes we will just push ourselves further towards our idea of perfection. Just because people have toned arms, legs, back or a six pack does not mean that they are instantly happier than you are.


How many of us feel or believe if they had a chef to cook the foods they need, things would be easier? Absolutely it would. Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources or funds to do so. For example, the people you see on television like the biggest loser or celebrities that have great bodies have more time to do what they need. Most people in society have families, work 8-12 hour daily jobs and have constraints that limit the time they have. Most people try to fit things in around their busy schedules. Also, money may be tight compared to those who have the money to get a gym membership, personal trainer, and eat healthy. What I am saying is you may not have all the resources or funds that others have. But do the best you can for you and your journey. Be thankful for what GOD has given you to use to accomplish your goals.


When trying to start your new journey, understanding your journey is a process will help your mindset. When you see people and their bodies you are looking either at the end product or a product that is still in the work process stage. Remember, you do not know their journey and how they got to where they are. They may have begun their journey long before you even started yours. Although their body looks good you don’t know what they have endured to get to where they are. There is no magic wand for hard work. Focus on you and your journey by trying to make the best version of you as possible.

You Are Hard On Yourself

How many of you are hard on yourself when things do not happen the way you vision it? There is nothing wrong with wanting to give full effort and having expectations of yourself. But there are times when we can be so hard on ourselves, where we create the biggest opponent that may stand in the way of achieving our health and fitness goals. YOU!!!

Enjoy/Celebrate The Process

Many times, when on your journey of change, we tend to be-little what we have accomplished. It could be because it’s not happening as fast as we want it. It could be other things. Take a step back for a moment and think about where you were when you began. Then look at where you are currently on your journey. Think about the improvements, inches lost, or body fat you have lost during the journey. Think about how you couldn’t run up the stairs or chase your child or grandchild for long periods, but now you can. We tend to forget that these small steps are things to celebrate. Don’t wait to the end of the journey to celebrate your accomplishments, celebrate while on your journey and during your process of change.

In conclusion, don’t use comparing to evaluate your self-worth. Doing this will cause you to lose more than not. In life, success is not built on success. It’s built on sometimes failing, catastrophe, and experiences. The good thing that comes from all these aspects are GROWTH. You will never grow if you keep competing to be better than others in every which way. Instead of comparing yourself, use that as an opportunity to learn from others. Gain knowledge that you may can use to help better yourself. As well as increase your own value that GOD has already presented in you.

By doing that, it can and will create a razor-sharp focus that will create an energy on being the very best version of yourself. When you find yourself using someone else as a scale for your own self-worth, remember and remind yourself that is not an effective way to measure yourself. Instead, redirect your energy and attention to your own goals and what is required to achieve them. If You Don’t Have Will, You’re In The Way!!! #followfitnessmotivators #maximumeffortatalltimes

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