Many times when we go after our goals, wants, or changes in our lives, we don’t accomplish them not because we can’t. It’s more so fear becomes the foundation of our thoughts and mind. A friend of mine told me before that fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real”. That is a very true and wise statement wouldn’t you agree? There are also quotes that state “fear kills more dreams and desires than failure ever will”. To over come fears your faith has to be bigger than your fears. Fear is an opportunity not to fold up or to run but to use as a tool for growth. Fear is a product that is created in your thoughts. Instead of fearing what might not happen or what won’t happen, start using your faith and believing in what can happen and what will happen in a positive way. It’s time to stop feeding your fears and start feeding your dreams. If You Don’t Have Will, Then You’re In the Way!! #followfitnessmotivators #maximumeffortatalltimes

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